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Flame Project - Building Schools In Sanghar, Sindh

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Rabia W Khan

Joined: 29 Oct 2005
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 26, 2006 11:40 am    Post subject: FLAME project - Building schools in Sanghar, Sindh Reply with quote

Hi everyone,

We recently got a proposal from FLAME, an organization based out of Karachi for building five schools in Sanghar, Sindh - a low-income rural district of Pakistan. I have attached the initial project summary.

Additionally, Tarim and I had a conversation with DIL chairperson Fiza Shah, which was very informative, especially with regards to the sucess, or lack thereof, of the non-formal schooling model. I'll post details of that conversation later.

For now, any questions and comments to help us analyze this project will be appreciated.

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Khurram Jamali

Joined: 12 Jun 2005
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Location: Beijing, China
PostPosted: Mon Jun 26, 2006 12:03 pm    Post subject: ADP VA's ongoing Evaluation of FLAME Reply with quote

On 6/23/06, anwer khan <> wrote:
A few preliminary thoughts on the project:

Establishment of 5 primary schools in Sanghar (interior Sindh)
Amount requested is US $ 2,500 for one year

Friends of Literacy and Mass Education (FLAME) --
Established in 2001, HQ in Karachi
Provides primary school education to poor children
Schools provide a secular education, based on the federal curriculum, in areas that otherwise are served by madrasahs
NGO also has mobile health unit--a team of 6 doctors--that regularly visit the schools

50 schools in Islamabad, 71 in Karachi, and 50 in interior Sindh
Current enrollment is 6,800
Contact: Najia Siddiqui ( )
Budget & Finances

None provided with the proposal, but provided upon request (see emails below)
Past financial records are not available on the website
NGO plans to revamp its website soon, will also have its financial records online (see emails below)
NGO is willing to share past financial data (see emails below)
Schools are funded only through fundraising operations

No apparent fee structure that would support a recurring revenue stream
NGO claims that no school has yet been closed becuase of a shortage of funds (see emails below)
A fundraiser is scheduled for September in Karachi. Intent is to raise Rs. 50,000 for 5 schools. The amount requested above is for 5 additional schools
Critical need: High (provides secular education to the poor)
Impact: High (provides a good alternative to religious schools, provides substantial opportunities to young girls)
Measurability: High (NGO, as stated in their emails, uses three metrics: (1) number of students enrolled, (2) number of drop-outs at the end of the academic year, and (3) exam results)
Sustainability: Low (revenues are dictated solely by the fundraising effort. Insufficient financial information to draw any conclusion about the commitment of recurring donors)
Organization: Medium (been responsive so far, but it's too early to make a conclusion)
Key issue: Sustainability!

Email exchange follows.



As a member of ADP, I'm reviewing your proposal, "Establishment of 10
schools in Sangar area," on behalf of FLAME. I have a few questions
for you, or FLAME.

1. The proposal requests US $2,500 for the first operating year.
Beyond that, how would the 10 schools finance themselves?

2. How many students are expected to enroll in each school?

3. How does FLAME measure success at its schools?

4. How would FLAME measure success on this project?

5. Could you provide a detail budget that not only breaks down the
requested amount, but also itemizes projected revenues and expenses?

6. FLAME's website does not show financial statements (or does not
talk about financial controls, etc.) from past years. Could you
describe the financial transparency, discipline, and control at FLAME?


Anwer Khan


Dear Mr. Anwer Khan, Hi,

I have been asked by Ambassador Mansoor Alam to e.mail you a reply to your mail addressed to Najia, dated 20 June 2006. The same is attached herewith.


Khush Bash Alam

[See attachment: Najia of Flame.doc]


Dear Anwer Khan,

This is in reference to the e mail that you sent to me regarding the
proposal that I have submitted to ADP for the establishment of 5 schools in
Sanghar, Sindh for FLAME.

1. I had actually requested US$2,500 for 5 schools and not for 10 schools,
although there is a demand for 10 schools and would be happy to meet the
entire demand of 10 schools provided we can get funding for US$ 5,000.

2. In terms of financing our schools beyond the one year of funding given by
ADP, FLAME has recently launched an intensive fundraising campaign in which
we hope to raise substantial support to provide a sufficient cushion to
sustain our schools that we have already established throughout Karachi and
Sindh. In our 5 years of operation, we have never had a school shut down due
to financial constraints. We have budgeted for an additional two months of
expenses and if the current fund would not be willing to support the school
for another year, we would then look for another sponsor to adopt the school
or dip into our resources to sustain the expenses of the school.

3. We expect a minimum of 30 students to enroll in each school. However,
our experience is that the number of students always exceeds by at least 10
more students and some times even up to 60 students are enrolled compelling
us to open a new school for them. The number of 30 students has been fixed
by the government for its own non-formal schools because experience shows
that one teacher cannot impart good quality education to a class of more
than 30 students.

4. We have three indicators to measure the success of our schools. These

(a) The number of students over 30 who get enrolled. (shows community
demand and enthusiasm)
(b) The number of drop-outs at the end of academic year
(c) The percentage of pass results in the annual exams that are given
to each class at the end of the academic year.

5. We would measure success of this project by the level of interest of the
community that will be generated in Sanghar through the establishment of
these 5 (or 10, if funds are available) schools. Since FLAME has never
worked in this area of rural Sindh, we will gauge community willingness and
support through the help we get in the operations, monitoring and evaluation
of these 5 schools. This will help us decide if we want to open additional
similar non-formal schools in the area. Generally, we have seen a great
increase in demand for non-formal schools since many more children find it
easier to attend and acquire primary education while continuing with their
daily routines which may include working in the fields or in other
industries to support their families. Many of these children have crossed
certain age requirements of the formal system and therefore, our schools
provide them with the only opportunity to complete their basic education.
And in the rural areas, in particular, families would feel more secure
sending their daughters to FLAME schools which are located within the
neighborhood in the teachers homes, generally. Therefore, we will measure
the success of our project by the percentage of girls enrolled, as well as
their ages, to determine if this holds true in Sanghar like it has in other
areas around Sindh and Karachi.

5. The total annual expenditure on one FLAME school comes to Rs.
25000/- excluding the cost of supervision, monitoring and administrative
expenditure/budget is as follows:
(a) Salary of one teacher @ Rs1000/- per month 12000
(b) Training of teachers (one time annually) 2000
(c) Floor mats and Taurpaulin 1500
(d) Black-boards 500
(e) Slates and chalks 525
(f) Electric fan 1800
(g) Water cooler 400
(h) Supply of drinking water 500
Total Budgeted: Rs. 25,725 (per school)

Additional Expenses (for 5 schools):
(a) Misc expenses such a maintenance of school room. 500
(b) Expenses on annual exams i.e. purchase of question
papers, stationary etc. 6000
(c) Supervision, monitoring through field coordinators 7800
(d) Annual School Day function, printing and purchase
of certificates, trophies etc. 8000
(e) Rent, utilities and other expenditures of the office 3200
(f) Two months running expenses (Rs. 2500/month/school) 25,000
Total Additional Expenditure: Rs. Rs. 44,000

Total Expected Revenue from Fundraising Event to be held in Karachi in Sept.
2006 (earmarked specifically for Sanghar schools) Rs. 50,000
This amount should provide us with a sufficient cushion to address the
hidden costs and expenses of running these 5 schools in Sanghar over the
course of the year (+two months). As I said earlier, we will plan for
additional funding before these funds run out.

6. We are currently in the process of developing a new website for
FLAME which will be ready by the end of June 2006, containing all the
information regarding its establishment, functioning, achievements, revenues
and expenditure etc. FLAME's accounts are annually audited by a registered
firm of chartered accountants. Its annual income tax return together with
its annual report prepared by Chairman, FLAME are submitted to the concerned
tax authorities of Pakistan, and will be available for inspection by donors.
If you want any specific documents sent to you, please let me know about it.

Thank you again for your time and consideration of this proposal. If you
have any additional queries or clarification, please let me know.


Najia A. Siddiqui
Member, Executive Committee (Projects and Fundraising)
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Tarim Wasim

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 5:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Any uodate on status here?

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