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Earthquake Project: Ehd Foundation

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Tarim Wasim

Joined: 28 Jan 2005
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Location: San Francisco
PostPosted: Sat Nov 05, 2005 12:26 pm    Post subject: Earthquake Project: EHD Foundation Reply with quote

I am attaching a proposal from Shameela at EHD foundation. It includes details on EHD, what they do generally, what they've done after the eartquake, and future plans. I would recommend reading through. EHD appears to be a great candidate for ADP to partner with (even if not for this project): medium scale, low overhead and quite transparent. They have also been very responsive to our questions.

After reading through, here are the near-term options they've presented ADP:

1. Adopt a tent school or village in Islamabad
2. Fund tents and tin house construction in one or more Kashmiri villages (and eventually longer-term things such as a hospital)

I personally am not in favor of the first because of mixed reviews I've reeived from my dad in Islamabad on the success of tent cities (locals are more interested in returning than staying there thru the winter). This would be short-term funding on our part.

The second overlaps with RSD. In fact, EHD is receiving funds for RSD and distributing the tents in many cases. The one question I have is the tin house construction issue. EHD strongly seems to feel that it's a better solution, and it is also more permanent than tent provision. If one could complete it in a week or so, it might be a more efficient use of funds long-term as well (EHD claims they have a 5-year life). Omar, where does RSD stand on this? If they are specializing in shelter provision, I' sure they have considered all options. Have they explained how they're thinking about allocation of the funds between different types of housing?

Regardless of what we do here, I think EHD is a great long-term candidate and I'd like to grow the relationship here.

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Danish Saleem

Joined: 16 Feb 2005
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Location: San Jose
PostPosted: Sat Nov 05, 2005 12:44 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


1. I am sure there will be others who would rather pass their winter around lower attitudes.

2. The tin house seems to be a viable project. I am just concerned about the assumption that there is no need to buy the wood, but I am inclined to take her word. Any idea how many people will fit in one house? How many houses they plan to support?

If I had to choose, I will support the tin house project.

Agree that they could be a strong long term partner. I like their water project as well.
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Mahjabeen Quadri
Site Admin

Joined: 08 Feb 2005
Last Visit: 22 Nov 2007
Posts: 49
Location: San Francisco
PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2005 11:18 pm    Post subject: EHD Relief Work Update Reply with quote

Shameelah sent Sheba and update on EHD which I am posting on the forums. As we all know, time is running out so please post your any questions you have with regards to this organization so that we can get answers to them asap.

Please read on! : )

EHD Foundations Earthquake Relief Activities So Far:

---Distributed 379 tents from various suppliers to the villages in
and N.W.F.P. listed below.
---Distributed 1270 blankets in Kashmiri and N.W.F.P. villages.
---Distributed 10 truckloads of food items (flour, rice, oil, sugar,
salt, lentils, milk) in Kashmiri and N.W.F.P. villages.
---Held three one-day medical camps. 1. In Dhuck (Bagh, Kashmir). This
centrally located to and served four villages: Hurrot, Bikhnal,
Keri). Medicines were dispensed and the injured were shifted to
2. Barakaho (outskirts of Islamabad where many refugees are in camps).
Sutra-meel (outskirts of Islamabad).
---Set up a tent school for 75 children in the Barakaho, Islamabad,
camp (to help them and their parents return to some semblance of
and recover from their trauma).
---Adopted Farash town tent city, Islamabad. This means that we supply
with all their essential needs. Although the number of families
increases daily so far we have provided a truckload of food items as
well as
blankets, stoves with gas cylinders, steel plates and glasses, cooking
buckets, water containers, new warm clothing for children and we have
ordered 50 additional tents for them.
---Started work on setting up a school for the children in Farash towns
tent city.

Which places the relief was sent to:


Village District Number of Houses
Population/# of inhabitants

Dhuck Bagh 90
Hurrot Bagh 81
Bikhnal Bagh 70
Dhaniat Bagh 51
Keri Bagh 46
Dhoke Bagh 65
Bolahasa Bagh 77
Ringoli Bagh 350
Barian Muzaffarabad 200
Nathgran Bagh 150
Nakar Bagh 65

None of these villages are so far accessible by road.


Village District

Deri-numbur-daraan Mansehra
Magdian Mansehra
Numbul Abbotabad

Islamabad Refugee Tent Cities

Location # of Families

Farash town 78

What EHD Got the Military to Help Out In:

EHD prepared three helipads in the affected areas and through
asked the armed forces for supplies to be dropped off at these three
helipads serving fourteen villages.

The army used one of these helipads supplying four villages and dropped
150 tents and one weeks supply of food items to three villages.

EHD asked the armed forces to clear three roads blocked by landslides.
roads were reopened. We have now informed them of two more roads that
to be cleared.

EHDs Earthquake Related Future Plans

---To continue to provide tents in those areas of Kashmir where it
snow e.g. Safer, Mosari.
---To provide tin sheets to help the local residents to build one
homes, in which they can live out the winter, in villages where it does
---Set up a school for the children in Sutra-meel refugee camp / tent
---Set up a school for the children in Farash town tent city.
---Set up dispensaries in Farash town and Sutra-meel tent cities.
---To set up a hospital in Dhuck, Kashmir, which is a central location
the following Kashmiri villages: Hurrot, Bikhnal, Dhaniat, Keri, Dhoke.

EHD Foundations Normal Activities

---During the past three years EHD has bored for water and installed
hand-pumps in 200 different localities. Hand-pumps are installed in
areas, urban or rural, where people do not have access to clean
---Last year EHD set up 54 one-day medical camps in different
---EHD also operates 15 schools in katchi abadis in and around
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Tarim Wasim

Joined: 28 Jan 2005
Last Visit: 17 Apr 2011
Posts: 160
Location: San Francisco
PostPosted: Thu Nov 17, 2005 7:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


I have indicated to Shameela that we have decided not to fund for now since we are supporting RSD. RSD is supplying tents through EHD, which means we are already indirectly supporting EHD's efforts.

Let me know if anyone feels differently.

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