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Awaze Niswan: Establishing Nursery/home Of 150 Poor Children

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Do you support this much-needed idea of establishing a sustainable and model nursery-cum-home school for 150 (4-8 year of age) children of broken families at District Shiekhupura?
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Yes, I would like to support these children of broken families
 100%  [ 2 ]
No, I would not like to create this nursery-cum-home for poor children
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 2

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Jehanzeb Noor

Joined: 26 May 2005
Last Visit: 25 Jan 2008
Posts: 7
PostPosted: Wed Dec 06, 2006 11:08 am    Post subject: Awaze Niswan: Establishing Nursery/home of 150 poor children Reply with quote

Before reading on, please note: I'll be in Lahore for 2 weeks at the end of Jan 07. So if this project is approved (for $3K as outlined in budget), I'll spend a siginificant amount of time (with help of Sajjad at ADP-Lahore) to see through the implementation of a significant portion of initial steps. Thanks, JehanZeb

Awaz-e-Niswan (Voice of Women) is a non-profit, secular womenís organization working for the transformation of vulnerable sections of society particularly single mothers heading families into progressive, efficient and dynamic society and promote human respect and dignity for the advancement of a just society. To achieve its goals, it has been involved in the sector of education, health/ reproductive health, enterprise development and legal awareness/ assistance.

Since its birth in 2001, it has been endeavoring to empower single mothers and their family members by providing them opportunities in the above-mentioned sectors for appropriate formation and leadership through seminars, consultations, and training programs.

This profile group of women was found prone to poverty for many reasons including their marital status, lack of access to productive resources and income (land, credit, farming and technical assistance, wage-labor and employment, regular income), the decline of the traditional family support system, the lack of access to services (healthcare and education), size and composition of household (higher dependency burdens) etc.

They were found vulnerable because they face the challenge of making market oriented activities compatible with their domestic responsibilities. Being unskilled, illiterate and their dual role as mothers and workers, the type of jobs available to them is very few. The job option is only within the informal sector since the religious-cum-cultural setting confine females to jobs where sex seclusion can be assured. One of the most likely options is to work as a domestic servant (in peopleís homes doing all sorts of domestic chores).

It was reported that women are insecure in the informal sector and can be exploited easily. The exploitation varies from harassment at workplace to rape or sexual abuse. Knowing the fact of these problems, women still work in the informal sector as have no other option.

On the other hand, children suffer a lot in the absence of their mothers especially those who cannot take care of themselves. Mothers also remain worried for their small oneís during their working hours. During a meeting with women, it was suggested to start a nursery cum home school for small children. This will not only provide relief for single mothers to concentrate on their work but would also provide a safe and secure place for children to stay and study in the absence of mother. Therefore, it was envisaged to open up a nursery cum home school at District Sheikhupura in a working area of Awaz-e-Niswan (Voice of Women).
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Khurram Jamali

Joined: 12 Jun 2005
Last Visit: 10 Oct 2011
Posts: 78
Location: Beijing, China
PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2006 11:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Before I vote, could I please be directed to whatever internal sustainability calculations ADP may have conducted?

It seems to me that the project has a 1-year lifeline, after which it will die out, withthe beneficiaries being the handful of students that will receive education for a year. I am hesitant to vote yes on such a project because to me, the opportunity cost of funding a non-sustainable project is too high.

In case, I have missed out on the discussion, please direct me to any additional relevant information, apart from the post with the voting.


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Jehanzeb Noor

Joined: 26 May 2005
Last Visit: 25 Jan 2008
Posts: 7
PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2006 12:31 pm    Post subject: Re: Khurram Jamali's question Reply with quote

Thanks for the comments. As you indicated, it is indeed difficult to sustain such small initiatives financially. But first off, the education imparted in students will sustain the idea by word of mouth and goodwill created in the community, which will start brining in donations. This NGO has been able to use this model before and it will multiply through beneficiaries. To sustain financially, Awaz-e-Niswan will open separate account for the collection of fee and admission fee. It is very small amount of money but in the beginning, Awaz-e-Niswan believes that it is a good start and the amount could be raised (after understaning the supply-demand dynamics of an existing nursery once the project starts). Through such savings, Awaz-e-Niswan will generate an endowment fund in the same account to sustain the project in future years, but the seed funded they are asking for is absolutely necessary. Once we have that, I and other people would be able to help then sustain through corporate and personal sponsorship. Actually, we have done this with a student group I was involved since its beginning (please visit [url][/url]). Awaz-e-Niswan will also generate funds through its theater group (AeNís Chanan Theater will perform its plays for other organizations), and also encourage local communities for the support of this school (EASE uses the same model and to date it is absolutely sustainable). At the same time, Local Mother Committee created in the community shall be also responsible to sustain the logistics of this activity along with Awaz-e-Niswan. Basically, AeN has thought out sustainability issues in multiple dimensions. Thanks again.
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