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Needs Site Visit Call

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Saad Hasan

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 04, 2010 12:01 pm    Post subject: NEEDS site visit call Reply with quote


Shuaib, Shehryar & I caught up for a bit right now, looks like there were some problems dialing in for others. Decided that best next step was to just put together a core group of questions that we would like the site visit volunteer to make sure and diligence on the trip aside from the general summary. I’ve put some thoughts below, can everyone please append and consolidate so we have a checklist of things we make sure get addressed? These are not meant to be overly prescriptive (or exhaustive), just thought I’d put some thoughts down to make sure we don’t miss anything.

Site visit questions
In my mind there are two major types of questions
1. Is this project sound? (basically verifying the answers to questions we have already asked by observing directly and through questions)
a. Operational details
i. Are there enough ‘women-headed households’. Can the houses support poultry coops. Do the beneficiaries seem enthusiastic about the plans. Does it look like there is a market for their products, and how far is it. Is it feasible for them to travel their given their HH commitments. Does the community seems amenable to formation of the ‘womens’ groups’ (ie is it congruent with the local community setup).
b. Organization diligence
i. Does NEEDS have the bandwidth to get microfinance done given their other commitments. Do they sound like they know what they are talking about on this subject. Is there adequate backup for Humayun. Have they identified any case managers/loan officers. What is NEEDS relationship with the community.
2. How has the flood affected (1)?
a. This is critical. We need to figure out both whether NEEDS still has the capacity to do this project (or what size they can still execute and whether that is still efficient) and whether the demand still exists with the proposed beneficiaries. Probably a combination of talking to
i. Observing on-ground situation. How badly is area affected? Are people evacuated or have they returned? How bad was damage?
ii. Beneficiaries – interview and get a sense of where they are mentally. Are they thinking about day to day survival and a long-term benefit like purchasing chickens and selling products seems far away to them or could it actually be helpful to get them back on their feet? Does the concept sound appealing? More than asking directly it will be engaging them in conversation and diligencing through their responses to other questions. What are they doing day to day. Where would this work fit in to their schedule.
iii. NEEDS employees: what are they currently doing day to day (consumed by immediate flood relief or bandwidth for other)? What do they see themselves doing in a couple of months. What do they think are the most critical things to address.

Other business:
1. Arifa when is the site visit planned for?
2. We also talked briefly about creating more specific milestones for this project given the flooding context and the fact that this may be our first microfinance project.
a. Think the contract will spell out a more detailed ‘roadmap’ for fund disbursement so we can
i. Make sure NEEDS is hitting the main miles stones and
ii. We can record a roadmap for microfinance for other ADP efforts in this area, given the reasonably formulaic process
iii. This will be things like making sure they have employees on hand, asking for their training materials for case workers etc, just so we can make sure they go down a best-demonstrated practice route
iv. We’ll come back to this topic in detail if we move ahead after site visit

Thanks guys – excited about seeing the results and photos from the site visit.

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